Galway Grub’s Grumbles – The G Counter

This is the first in a new series entitled Galway Grub’s Grumbles as we air our annoyances from Galway’s food world. The first on the list is The G Counter.10653754_350027928507351_4115454613334351210_n

I’ve been a fan of The G Counter for a long time. It’s in a good location with an enormous amount of parking, there are a wide variety of options on the menu and last but by no means least, they stock numerous artisan products including Janet’s Country Fayre.


I am, however, extremely disappointed because my favourite item from their menu has been removed – the roasted turkey, honey roasted ham, sage & onion stuffing, brie and garlic mayo on sourdough bread sandwich. Now, this may seem like a small thing to complain about but it’s literally one of the nicest sandwiches I have ever tasted! I tried to order it on my last two visits (the menu still has it listed as an option) only to be told at the weekend that it’s gone as they are rolling out a new menu.32104699_10212256940522124_6229522077670440960_n

G Counter, if you’re listening, sort it out! #GalwayGrub #GalwayGrubsGrumbles

Artisan Options #1 – Janet’s Country Fayre

While we enjoy eating out, we equally love cooking at home. At the minute Ireland is in a fantastic position where there are a wide variety of Artisan producers across the country. We’re going to introduce some of our favourite options that are out there, starting with Janet’s Country Fayre.


One of Ireland’s leading artisan producers of premium chutneys and relishes, Janet and her team produce a unique range of traditional & contemporary style products in a modern purpose built production kitchen in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow (just south of Dublin in the foothills of the Sugarloaf Mountain).

They cook their products in the traditional method of slow reduction over several hours to give the perfect flavour and finish of texture. All of the products they make are gluten-free and produced without any artificial additive, bulking agents or any setting agents.
Janet with JCF & JJD Pic.jpg

Their brand is distinctive, with a mixture of square jars under the Janet’s Country Fayre label and another selection of items under Janet’s Just Delicious range. All of their fantastic products are available in both large retailers and smaller stores throughout the country.

Beetroot Blush_6160.jpg

I would highly recommend you pick up some of their selection. They’re widely available in Galway including in Joyce’s Supermarkets, McCambridge’s, Brigit’s Garden, Morton’s in Salthill & a selection of Supervalu stores. #GalwayGrub