How would you like a free dessert?

After polishing off your main course, nine times out of ten you can always find room for something sweet. What tastes sweeter than a freshly prepared dessert? How about a FREE one!

The good folks at Fat Freddy’s in The Latin Quarter run a Birthday Club whereby every month, they give a free dessert to anyone who is celebrating their birthday that month. The only catch is that you need to make sure to sign up to their mailing list. There will be a different link shared every month on their social media channels so be sure to only sign up to this one if it’s your birthday in February – March babies will just have to wait! Be sure to tell your friends because there are only two days left before the deadline passes for sign-ups this month and you don’t want to miss out now do you?


Of course, Fat Freddy’s have been serving the good people of Galway for over 30 years now and regularly feature on our social media and blogs including in our Top 5 Pizza places in Galway list


Dessert Heaven at Scrumdiddly’s

I honestly never set out to consistently write blogs about Ice-Cream, Burgers or Pizza but it’s just the way it has worked out! It might be because we’re spoilt for choice in Galway when it comes to these kinds of food or it might be because I’m a pig. Either way, just look at what Scrumdiddly’s have brought to the City!

Now that you have wiped the drool from your mouth, please read on.

Situated in what we can only assume was a tactical position, directly across the road from The Dough Bros (who feature in our Top 5 Pizza Places in Galway), Scrummdiddly’s offers you a ridiculous choice of desserts which you can take with you for a stroll down through shop street.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “look guys it’s freezing out there, are you mad?” and while we understand your reservations, just try it. You won’t look back!


The Food Awards

Galway win big at The Food Awards 2019

The Food Awards

The Food Awards Ireland 2019 welcomed over 300 guests at The Crowne Plaza Hotel Dublin Airport on Monday, November 4th in an annual a celebration of those who work hard to provide us with delicious dishes and unique experiences when we visit their establishments.

The awards recognised the achievements of local suppliers, wholesalers, chefs and restaurants amongst others that always serve the community with the freshest of products and work tirelessly within their establishments to deliver great customer service to their diners. The winners are a true reflection of the quality and excellence that remark the country’s food industry.

The elegant ceremony was hosted by the Irish celebrity Jenny Buckley. She welcomed on stage meritorious individuals, acknowledged for providing visitors and residents with great gastronomic delights and working within establishments where excellence is standard.

Several of the awards were split into local regions to ensure the diverse range of businesses from across the country are recognised for their exceptional work.

Some of Galway’s best restaurants walked away prestigious awards on the night in the following categories;

 Best Mexican Establishment: Tuco’s Taqueria

 Best Irish Cuisine: McHughs Traditional Pub & Restaurant 

 Restaurant General Manager of the Year: IL Vicolo 

 Hotel Restaurant of the Year: Restaurant gigi’s at the g Hotel 

Gastro Pub of the Year Connaught: John Keogh’s Gastropub 

Huge congratulations to all of the winners! #GalwayGrub


The Best Places For Burgers In Galway

Forget all that fancy nonsense for a minute and just put a massive burger in front of me. Thankfully, the burger scene has absolutely exploded in recent times throughout the city and we are now blessed with a variety of options, each with their own unique take on the classic comfort food. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best places to get a burger in Galway. At the minute, they’re in no particular order but each of them is worth trying.

Handsome Burger

It would be ridiculous of anyone to put together a list of where to get a good burger in Galway and ignore a restaurant known solely for their good food. Handsome Burger, on Dominick Street, have been getting rave reviews since they opened up their new establishment in Galway’s Westend. Be warned, taking one look at their social media channels is only going to result in saliva flowing from your mouth in anticipation of those juicy creations.56968306_2387279821305910_4477235936991641600_n

The BurgerStory

Brought to you by the team at Martine’s of Quay Street, The BurgerStory define themselves as US-style burgers. Their menu makes extensive use of high-end Irish & locally produced ingredients, including McCarthy’s of Kanturk black pudding in the signature “Damnation Burger”. With the Summer months upcoming, their outdoor seating by the Spanish Arch is a bit of a game changer.57247067_792216567806986_7277425511561691136_n

(The Damnation Burger in all its glory)


We’ve been huge supporters of BóTOWN since they opened, not only is their food delicious but the whole story behind their business is worth hearing. If you get a chance to meet either of the owners when you’re in, make sure to ask them a bit about it – it’s fascinating. 49592367_360592108088265_6275984363863670784_n

The youngest addition to our list in terms of the length it’s been open, BóTOWN is actually a neighbour of Handsome Burger, adding to the already overflowing culinary scene in Dominick Street.

The Chili Shack


We’re creatures of habit. If we find a place we enjoy, we’ll always make sure to go back for more, often at the expense of trying somewhere new. The Chili Shack is the original innovator in Galway when it comes to the Burger scene. With it’s easy going, relaxed vibe, The Chili Shack’s Burger menu is smaller than the other options on this list but what they do, they do well.

If you’re like me and you have a student ID from a number of years ago with the expiry date rubbed off, you can claim 10% off Monday – Wednesday too!

Wholly Cow Burgers

Want to avoid the city centre? Wholly Cow Burgers offer more than just an excuse not to head into town with their no-fuss burgers. They use the simple rule of using high-quality ingredients including succulent meats that are bursting with flavour.27752365_144169929598237_8430097816116889299_n

As an added bonus, they are very environmentally friendly with 100% compostable packaging and by keeping all of their food waste to a minimum.

Of course, there are many other places we love to grab a burger including Scotty’s & Caribou to name but a few, but we can’t go through them all! If you have any other suggestions let us know and if you like this, you might want to read our blog on the ‘Top 5 Pizza Places in Galway’


HIDDEN GEMS #2 – C’est la Vie

After our first Hidden Gem blog a couple of months back, a recent discovery has excited us beyond belief. We’re talking about C’est la Vie, a traditional French boulangerie.

Using only traditional French methods, they create delicious breads with the finest organic flours. As well as being a bakery, they are a café first and foremost. They open at 8am where they serve breakfast with a gorgeous choice of teas, coffee, hot chocolate and freshly baked viennoiseries (croissants, pains au chocolat & danishes). For lunch, there’s a choice of sandwiches, ham & cheese croissants, sausage rolls, quiches and croque-monsieur. Whether you prefer to eat meat, fish or are vegetarian, there is something for you!


(The smell of that freshly baked bread is magical)

Then anytime during the day, you might be tempted to try one of their patisseries: strawberry pies, apple pies, chocolate eclairs, lemon meringue tarts and more depending on the seasons. Be careful to get there early as stocks are limited!