Top 5 Places To Get Ice-Cream

Ireland as a whole is in the middle of the best start to a Summer in a very long time. Galway, in particular, is one of the nicest places to be in the country on a Summer’s day. As we’re not used to this kind of weather, we need to make sure we keep cool. Sales of ice-cream are expected to skyrocket with long queues in some outlets across the city. We’ve put together a list of 5 places to get the best ice-cream in the city which has been recommended by our readers. They are (in no particular order);

1. Gino’s Gelato

When we said they were in no particular order, the cream has indeed risen to the top here. Gino’s Gelato is busy all year round, no matter what season. Situated at the very top of shop street, it’s in a prime location for passers-by. What attracts people here though is its mouthwatering selection. 485953_290443524358572_368722409_n
No trip to Galway is complete without a visit to Gino’s


2. Hunky Moos

If you’re looking for something a little healthier, look no further than Hunky Moos. They’re specialists in making Froyos (frozen yogurt) and once and for all prove that great taste doesn’t require a sugar and fat overload. 29510988_2019189994777780_5418569280291685101_n.jpg

You’ll find these guys on Abbeygate Street just up from AIB. If you’re that way inclined, they’ll even throw in a scoop or two of whey protein for you!

3. Capones


Need I say more?

Heading outside of the city now, Capones may be known more for their Pizza’s than anything else, however, their desserts speak for themselves. They won’t break the bank either so if you’re looking for something a little bit fancier and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, Capones is for you.

4. The Creamery

Let’s face it, if we did a list of the best places to get ice-cream and didn’t include The Creamery, we would look like idiots. Salthill’s finest, if you’re planning on walking the prom, a stop off at The Creamery can improve anyone’s mood.


They take the simpler approach to some of the others listed here, focusing on the basics which they get right every single time.

5. Murphys Ice Cream

The new kid on the block when it comes to this list, Murphys is still at the early stages of its lifetime in Galway but it’s already a firm favourite. You’ll find a unique blend of offerings here which their very friendly staff are more than willing to let you try out first.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are a whole host of other venues worth popping into but these were the choices that got suggested to us by the most people. Got another suggestion? Feel free to post it in the comments below #GalwayGrub

8 Places To Eat In Salthill

With the Ed Sheeran craze sweeping through Galway like wildfire, we thought we would put together a short list of places to eat in Salthill if you are out there early over the weekend. It’s worth noting that these are listed in no particular order

1. Ground & Co

Simply everyone is talking about Ground & Co. The guys behind Mr Waffle have taken Salthill by storm since it’s opening. With the bus running from Eyre Sq to Salthill for the concert, it will leave you near its location so expect it to be busy. With a selection of sandwiches, treats baked in-house, breakfasts and a full coffee menu, this place ticks all the right boxes.19105760_180434499259437_5920074545718949706_n

2. LANA Asian Street Food

Depending on the time of day and your taste buds, of course, LANA offers you a different option than most places currently opened in Salthill. Their food philosophy is to be fresh, vibrant and bold, you’ll find all three in abundance here. Keep an eye on their social media channels before you pop in as along with their usual menu they have delicious specials added from time to time

3. Da Roberta’s Ristorante

Are you bringing the family along with you? Da Roberta’s Ristorante is the place for you. Serving fresh Italian Pizza & Pasta, they have been one of the main attractions to the Salthill food scene for a number of years.rgf.PNG

4. SALT Restaurant & Bar

Wings, Crab Donuts, Burgers, Salads & Dinner plates, you’ll find them all at SALT. Having just announced on their Facebook page that they will be staying open late on both Saturday & Sunday Night, a stop off here is a necessity if you plan on staying put in Salthill for the weekend.

5. Gourmet Tart & Co

If I was to say that Gourmet Tart & Co were excited for Ed Sheeran’s return to Galway, it would be a massive understatement.32218663_1833943913336710_2683004943836643328_n.jpg

If you have a sweet tooth or you just want to grab something small to keep you going, this is your stop.

6. Oslo Bar

Now if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, i.e a pint & some grub, Oslo Bar has you covered. Their sharing boards ranging from €13 – €17 make the ideal accompaniment for their range of craft beers.

7. O’Reilly’s Bar & Kitchen

O’Reilly’s Bar & Kitchen, formerly known as Lohan’s, have prepared a number of specials for the weekend including ‘The Cheerin for Sheeran Chicken Burger’ and the ‘Curry in a Hurry’. They’ll have a special Ed Sheeran karaoke later in the evening if you have any notions about your singing ability.

8. Salthill Social

The Salthill Social proclaims itself as the ‘Best brunch in Salthill’ and comes complete with a children’s play area. They may be the stand out when it comes to the healthier option for this salad alone30726546_2032996123399787_5757987827379863552_n.jpg

Got any other suggestions? Feel free to tag any of your own recommendations in the comments below! #GalwayGrub

Galway Grub’s Grumbles – The G Counter

This is the first in a new series entitled Galway Grub’s Grumbles as we air our annoyances from Galway’s food world. The first on the list is The G Counter.10653754_350027928507351_4115454613334351210_n

I’ve been a fan of The G Counter for a long time. It’s in a good location with an enormous amount of parking, there are a wide variety of options on the menu and last but by no means least, they stock numerous artisan products including Janet’s Country Fayre.


I am, however, extremely disappointed because my favourite item from their menu has been removed – the roasted turkey, honey roasted ham, sage & onion stuffing, brie and garlic mayo on sourdough bread sandwich. Now, this may seem like a small thing to complain about but it’s literally one of the nicest sandwiches I have ever tasted! I tried to order it on my last two visits (the menu still has it listed as an option) only to be told at the weekend that it’s gone as they are rolling out a new menu.32104699_10212256940522124_6229522077670440960_n

G Counter, if you’re listening, sort it out! #GalwayGrub #GalwayGrubsGrumbles

The Full Duck Cafe

Renmore, a part of Galway that’s close to my heart but severely lacking in local businesses.23130531_808495315996427_2914795313317479139_n.jpg
(How could anyone not fall in love with Renmore?)

However, a couple of years ago now, a new cafe opened right in its heart known as The Full Duck Cafe. The definition of a hidden gem, you can see why crowds are consistently flocking here from the surrounding areas.

A real breath of fresh air with endearing decor surrounded by quotes painted on the walls, seating outside complete with hooks to attach your dog lead onto and a small town feel about the place.

The food was fresh, tasty and represented good value for money. I myself went for Eggs Benedict having never actually tasted it before. The eggs were poached perfectly with the hollandaise sauce piled on nice and thick. Complete with crispy bacon just the way I like it, this was the perfect combination and the ideal meal to set me up for the day.


If you have a sweet tooth, they have a large selection of cakes and treats that look absolutely delicious.


Artisan Options #1 – Janet’s Country Fayre

While we enjoy eating out, we equally love cooking at home. At the minute Ireland is in a fantastic position where there are a wide variety of Artisan producers across the country. We’re going to introduce some of our favourite options that are out there, starting with Janet’s Country Fayre.


One of Ireland’s leading artisan producers of premium chutneys and relishes, Janet and her team produce a unique range of traditional & contemporary style products in a modern purpose built production kitchen in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow (just south of Dublin in the foothills of the Sugarloaf Mountain).

They cook their products in the traditional method of slow reduction over several hours to give the perfect flavour and finish of texture. All of the products they make are gluten-free and produced without any artificial additive, bulking agents or any setting agents.
Janet with JCF & JJD Pic.jpg

Their brand is distinctive, with a mixture of square jars under the Janet’s Country Fayre label and another selection of items under Janet’s Just Delicious range. All of their fantastic products are available in both large retailers and smaller stores throughout the country.

Beetroot Blush_6160.jpg

I would highly recommend you pick up some of their selection. They’re widely available in Galway including in Joyce’s Supermarkets, McCambridge’s, Brigit’s Garden, Morton’s in Salthill & a selection of Supervalu stores. #GalwayGrub