How would you like a free dessert?

After polishing off your main course, nine times out of ten you can always find room for something sweet. What tastes sweeter than a freshly prepared dessert? How about a FREE one!

The good folks at Fat Freddy’s in The Latin Quarter run a Birthday Club whereby every month, they give a free dessert to anyone who is celebrating their birthday that month. The only catch is that you need to make sure to sign up to their mailing list. There will be a different link shared every month on their social media channels so be sure to only sign up to this one if it’s your birthday in February – March babies will just have to wait! Be sure to tell your friends because there are only two days left before the deadline passes for sign-ups this month and you don’t want to miss out now do you?


Of course, Fat Freddy’s have been serving the good people of Galway for over 30 years now and regularly feature on our social media and blogs including in our Top 5 Pizza places in Galway list


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