Dessert Heaven at Scrumdiddly’s

I honestly never set out to consistently write blogs about Ice-Cream, Burgers or Pizza but it’s just the way it has worked out! It might be because we’re spoilt for choice in Galway when it comes to these kinds of food or it might be because I’m a pig. Either way, just look at what Scrumdiddly’s have brought to the City!

Now that you have wiped the drool from your mouth, please read on.

Situated in what we can only assume was a tactical position, directly across the road from The Dough Bros (who feature in our Top 5 Pizza Places in Galway), Scrummdiddly’s offers you a ridiculous choice of desserts which you can take with you for a stroll down through shop street.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “look guys it’s freezing out there, are you mad?” and while we understand your reservations, just try it. You won’t look back!


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