The Full Duck Cafe

Renmore, a part of Galway that’s close to my heart but severely lacking in local businesses.23130531_808495315996427_2914795313317479139_n.jpg
(How could anyone not fall in love with Renmore?)

However, a couple of years ago now, a new cafe opened right in its heart known as The Full Duck Cafe. The definition of a hidden gem, you can see why crowds are consistently flocking here from the surrounding areas.

A real breath of fresh air with endearing decor surrounded by quotes painted on the walls, seating outside complete with hooks to attach your dog lead onto and a small town feel about the place.

The food was fresh, tasty and represented good value for money. I myself went for Eggs Benedict having never actually tasted it before. The eggs were poached perfectly with the hollandaise sauce piled on nice and thick. Complete with crispy bacon just the way I like it, this was the perfect combination and the ideal meal to set me up for the day.


If you have a sweet tooth, they have a large selection of cakes and treats that look absolutely delicious.


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