The Pie Maker

By far one of my favourite places to go for a Friday treat meal is The Pie Maker.

Situated on Cross Street, a very small venue – tiny in fact, making it one of the most unique venues you will ever come across. Its décor is something out of a mixed up, unforgettable dream complete with hundreds of rulers on the walls, charming knick knacks, odds, ends, and solid wooden tables. My descriptions don’t do it justice and you would be forgiven for falling in love with the place before even looking at the menu.

With a wide variety of pies to choose from, I decided to go with the Roast Beef Pie with mash, mushy peas and a generous amount of gravy. The pie itself was stuffed with delicious meat and had a crispy crust of an outer coating. Creamy mash, mushy peas and the gravy all came together in a delightful array of tastes left me feeling utterly satisfied with my meal. This was all washed down with a cool, refreshing ginger beer.


They have recently just opened a second venue just a few doors down from here. It’s got the same feel as the original with a bit more seating meaning more people can now enjoy what they have to offer!
(We stole this photo from their Facebook page, thanks guys!)

I would highly recommend this place, it all just works. #GalwayGrub

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