Fat Freddy’s Restaurant

Just before Christmas after extensive amounts of shopping and with a willingness to do anything in my power to avoid an endless line of bumper to bumper traffic, I decided to take a pit-stop from the hustle of Christmas shopping. I found myself at Fat Freddy’s Restaurant Galway Ireland. Fat Freddys is a local mainstay and has been serving top quality food circa 30+ years from the heart of Galway otherwise known as The Latin Quarter Galway.

One of the very few restaurants whom successfully passed the trial of the test of time, it is renowned for hosting an authentic feel of a New York Diner. Serving a variety of Italian cuisine options, they specialise their variety of pizzas & pasta – trust me they are specialists!

I opted for the large Pizza and their famous Chicken Wings.

Whilst usually Pizza wouldn’t be my candid option, this isn’t your run of the mill dish. It’s thin crust is perfectly complemented with top quality ingredients along with being cooked to perfection which created the perfect pizza. I both relished my experience and would highly recommend a visit.

(Just look at that sign – amazing!)

I don’t believe these guys take reservations so just pop in and their friendly staff will allocate an area#GalwayGrub

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