Maple Moose

It’s fair to say we took a break from the scene for a while – we’re back now bringing you the best places to eat or grab a snack in Galway!

Have you ever got that feeling where you need something sweet and nothing will suffice until you find the perfect dish to settle your cravings? Well, just a few days ago, all I wanted was a hot, fresh & chocolaty waffle. On recommendation from a friend, I popped into Maple Moose Eyre Square. On the walk to the shop, I was greeted with an inviting waft which tingled my taste buds before I even had the chance to take a bite of anything!

The staff were very friendly, Avi, who appeared to be the owner introduced himself and welcomed us. The interior was nice; the walls are wallpapered with the scenery of the Canadian Alps which was a very nice touch. The location for me was a plus too as I sat back and watched the shopping go by. I wasn’t expecting there to be so many options on the menu but I was pleasantly surprised. They have so much variety to choose from, sweet and savoury crepes, smoothies, waffles, slush puppies, milkshakes and their very own Shake M’s with fillings like Kinder Beano and Aero!

I was craving a waffle, so that’s what I ordered which came topped with Nutella and Maud’s Ice Cream (Reece’s Peanut Butter Flavour!). The waffle itself was indescribably delicious. I also ordered a Kinder Beano Shake M which turned out to be one of the nicest milkshakes I had EVER had! Creamy, yet chocolaty with half a kinder bar on top which finished it off nicely.


I would highly recommend Maple Moose Galway, especially to those with young kids. It is very affordable, portions are great and it’s a nice place to take a break from shopping! I will definitely be back soon, my eyes are on a savoury crepe for next time! #GalwayGrub

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